The role of messenger RNA in DNA repair

When it breaks, it must be repaired correctly. Sometimes an RNA molecule gets trapped in the vicinity of a DNA break and must be removed for faithful repair. ADAR is involved in this process. Credit: Universidad de Sevilla.

A complex system of instructions that allows an organisms to develop, but also to carry out all the activities essential to its survival could be compared to an organisms genome. The information in this genome must not be altered or degraded over time.

The first process is known as gene expression and involves the information contained in the genes being properly converted into a set of valid tools. This requires the formation of a messenger molecule. Classical biology describes how a copy of DNA can be transformed into a specificRNA molecule in a process in which the information remains the same. The classical view that the RNA molecule can be altered in a regulated manner before it is converted into a proteins is incorrect.

The second process, the maintenance of genomic stability, is possible because of a series of cellular intrinsic mechanisms that check and repair any physical or chemical alterations in the DNA to restore the original information. The processes that repair the DNA are called the DNA repair mechanisms.

A novel connection has been found between the repair of DNA breaks and the modifying factors of the messenger RNA molecule. They have established that when the cell's DNA is broken, a specific mechanism is activated to change the information in the molecule.

The mechanism promotes faithful DNA repair in many ways. One way to remove the trappedRNA is to repair the DNA. The elimination is necessary for the repair machinery to work properly.

It is possible that these discoveries will serve in the long term to better understand how these diseases appear.

Nature Communications published the resaerch.

ADAR-mediatedRNA editing of DNA:RNA hybrid is required for DNA double strand break repair. There is a DOI of 10.1038/s41467-021-25790-2.

Nature Communications is a journal.

The role of messengerRNA in DNA repair was retrieved on December 3, 2021.

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