Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs prevail against Buffalo Bills, win wild AFC divisional game in overtime


The OT pass to Kelce sent the Chiefs to the title game.

Patrick Mahomes threw a game-winning touchdown pass to Travis Kelce in overtime as the Chiefs beat the Bills. It was 1:45.

10:12 PM

Someday, the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen might beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. For now, the solutions for Allen and the Bills are provided by the Chiefs.

The Chiefs beat the Bills in overtime in the divisional round of the playoffs. In the last season's playoffs, Allen outdueled Mahomes in the Bills' victory over the Chiefs.

Next Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium.

On the first possession of overtime, Mahomes threw a 8-yard touchdown pass to Kelce.

Allen's game was used to beat the Bills. The running game was a big part of the victory. The Chiefs' first touchdown was scored by Mahomes on an 8-yard run.

The first touchdown pass by the quarterback was pure Mahomes. He was unable to see into the end zone as he was chased by pass-rush pressure. With Jerry Hughes bearing down on him, he jumped and threw into the end zone, and Byron Pringle was there to catch the throw.