Starlink delays orders by years for unlucky customers who played with the site’s digital map

Starlink launched preorders for its satellite internet service service in February. It can provide better speed and service to rural residents or those with poor internet access. Starlink's website has one problem that is causing preorders delays of years. This issue was first discovered by Ars Technica.
You can move your address if you don't have service.

The report states that some users of the r/Starlink subreddit changed their service area by a mere few feet using the site's digital map tool. This resulted in their preorder dates being moved from 2021 to 2023. One user wrote: I moved it from the driveway end to my house this morning. I just checked back to see that it had changed to 2022-2023.

Ars Technica noted that the map tool was always available on the site. However, Starlink made changes to the site layout recently and removed any mention of Starlink in beta. This update seems to have moved the map tool to a prominent location, and users were notified to check their location for accuracy.

This Starlink preorder delay isn't new. It just seems to be more common with the new map. Reddit user another said that people have been alerting others about this issue for almost a year. You can move your address if you don't have service.

Starlink's vision is grand, but it has small problems like these that make it difficult to realize its potential. Starlink is not the only Musk-owned brand that has problems with customer service. Tesla is well-known for its poor customer service. Starlink customers who were frustrated by their service reported that they could not reach the company to verify the status of their orders, even months later.

Starlink has been unsuccessful in reaching customers who have fallen for the temptation to move their service area. Musk is determined to expand space exploration and establish an era for electric vehicles. However, some customers on Earth would like to receive a reply to their emails.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to our inquiry.