Apple to Start Offering iPhone XR as Loaner Device During Lengthier Repairs

According to an internal memo, Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Stores will be able offer customers an iPhone XR loaner device starting later in the week. This is for longer repairs in the U.S., and other regions.

Starting November 4, the iPhone XR loaner will be available. This will be an upgrade to the iPhone 8 loaner. The iPhone XR is a year older than the iPhone 8. It has more advanced features, such as Face ID and Dual SIM support. Additionally, the iPhone XR comes with a faster A12 Bionic chip.

An Apple Store may require that a customer's iPhone be mailed to them to repair. The customer will be eligible for an iPhone XR free of charge until the regular iPhone arrives.

Apple's iPhone Loan Agreement explains more, including the requirement that customers return the loaner iPhone within 14 days of receiving notification from Apple that their iPhone has been repaired and is ready to be picked up.