MacBook Pro Shipments Being Delayed Due to UPS 'Mechanical' Issues

Many customers who are awaiting delivery of their MacBook Pros have been informed that UPS is experiencing "mechanical" issues. UPS is Apple's courier for shipping its products worldwide.

Customers are receiving the following message when tracking their MacBook Pro shipment: "A mechanical problem has caused a delay." MacRumors Forum members also reported that UPS was sending out emails to customers informing them about unknown mechanical failures. The estimated delivery dates vary depending on ground conditions.

The failures of mechanical aircraft may be causing MacBook Pros and other consumer electronics to remain on the ground in China. Some of the shipments remain on-the ground in Shanghai and Seoul, South Korea. Publicly available flight records indicate that there are very few UPS flights currently scheduled to leave either city.

Cologne, Germany is one of UPS' major hubs in Europe. This is where MacBook Pro shipment are most likely to arrive from Asia and be sent to European customers. Reddit has reported that one UPS flight from Seoul, Korea to Cologne was cancelled. Customers also share their frustrations via Twitter.

@UPS has technical issues, and my shipment was stuck in China for days. @AppleSupport should be able to ship with @DHLGlobal, instead of the classic UPS experience. petroluseum (@petroluseum) October 27, 2021

@UPS We are experiencing a mechanical problem that has resulted in a delay. We will notify you as soon as possible about the delivery date. Your parcel is now on its way. That sounds terrible. What's the matter? Richard Jacobs (@ReinventorNL) October 27, 2021


Package 1: "A mechanical failure caused a delay." Last 2 days. Package 2: "Please check again later to confirm scheduled delivery." Last 3 days: - Track parcels is your only job. It is your only job to track parcels. John Woods (@JohnAlanWoods October 27, 2021

Customers are also being notified that "Your shipment is currently in the UPS network. However, an unplanned event could cause a change to your scheduled delivery date." Customers who are waiting for delivery of their new MacBook Pros need to keep an eye on their tracking page for any changes. For any updates, customers can also check the MacRumors Forums.

It is not clear if any other Apple shipments are being affected, such as the third-generation AirPods.