Apple listened to its most loyal customers and fixed its laptop problems from the last five years

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Apple's larger MacBook Pros had undergone a major redesign in 2016. It included several features that looked forward to the future. In a 2016 MacBook Pro, there were universal USB-C connectors for powering displays and peripherals. There was also a "butterfly keyboard" that allowed devices to be thinner and a narrow touchscreen called "Touch Bar" at the top. Apple's new MacBook Pro models announced Monday lack these features. Because programmers can only create iPhone apps on a Mac, the MacBook Pro is crucial for Apple. And programmers are often picky about which machine they choose. Apple's Pro Laptops can be expensive. Some configurations go up to $6,000.

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Apple listens to long-standing user complaints and has updated its machines to address them. Apple's previous redesign of the MacBook Pro was not popular with picky users. This led to an eight-quarter period of negative or flat annual growth in its Mac business between 2017 and 2020. After the 2016 redesign, problems quickly developed with Apple's expensive laptops. Apple's expensive laptops were causing problems for users. They needed adapters to plug in thumb drives or mice. Users also complained about the MagSafe connector that Apple used, which was cleverly disconnected if someone tripped on it.

The keyboard was not reliable, and keys could get stuck from crumbs or dust. Apple still repairs butterfly keyboards at no cost, even though they were the subject of a class action lawsuit.

Apple's MacBook Pros were hot because they had Intel chips inside them.

Developers and users have never liked the Touch Bar. Touch typists also complained that you had to look at it to select a button. Apple's new MacBook Pro models look more like pre-2016 MacBook Pros. They still use USB-C connectors which are now a standard in the industry. The three Thunderbolt USBC ports have an HDMI port for connecting monitors and a SD Card slot to download photos from professional cameras. To charge, it now uses a magnetic MagSafe connector.

They use Apple's Magic Keyboard which is a traditional design with deeper features that has received positive reviews.

Apple has stopped using Intel chips in its latest laptops and instead uses its own silicon. This is more efficient and does not emit heat. The new design has feet that support the laptop and improve airflow.

The new Macs don't have a Touch Bar. It has been replaced with traditional function keys that control screen brightness, media playback, as well as a large escape key. This is very important for programmers. Apple's 16-inch and 14 inch MacBook Pros are the most significant. Apple's M1 chips are used in the new MacBook Pros. They can be ordered in either "Pro" or “Max" configurations.

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