This Platform Lets Businesses Personalize Their Bond With Customers

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Mad Men fans will be familiar with the old-fashioned ways of creating advertising materials. Ad pros would brainstorm ideas, create messaging, and then market their ads to a wide audience. Mad Men was created in 1960, which is as far from modern customer engagement practices as it gets.


The average customer today is infinitely more savvy to the traps and tricks of digital business, and they are not willing to take chances on unsuspecting customers. Over 95 percent of Americans are concerned about businesses selling and collecting their personal data without their permission. Seven out of ten say that they're taking more steps to protect their privacy online than they did a year ago.

E-commerce companies have lost trust with consumers, making it more difficult for them to communicate with this skeptical customer base. As VPNs and other online security tools protect shoppers from leaking their information to the rest of the world, shields are increased. This makes targeting data and other methods companies use to gather information about potential customers obsolete. Google Chrome, which holds 60% of the browser market share is also deprecating cookies. Apple's iOS 14 runs on 72 percent of all Apple smartphones.

Marketers are now turning to first-party data for insight into customers' needs. Spectrm and other firms are doing more to help smart businesses move to publicly available data. You don't need to search the internet for customer details when you can have a conversation with your customers and get better and more reliable information.

Conversational marketing is the next step to reach customers.

Leading marketers agree that using first-party data is crucial to their growth. More than 90% of them believe this. This data is also known as declared data. It's information that customers freely give to companies.

Spectrm's core offering is a simple, efficient way to spark conversation with customers and automate personalized one-to-one chats via social media platforms and display ad network. You can convert more customers via e-commerce or generate qualified leads for your company.

Spectrm is easy to use to create marketing chatbots that engage customers on the websites they most frequent, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many others.

Spectrm's chatbots are not for your parents. These bots interact with customers in a meaningful manner, asking questions and eliciting conversations.

Users can tell the company what they want through the interactive exchange. This allows the brand to present the right products to each buyer and personalize their journey in real time.

The Spectrm conversational platform for marketing uses that data to segment it and help customers find what they are looking for. It also streamlines the process to get the business the sales it wants.

Spectrm is trusted by large companies.

This helps to build a relationship between a brand's customers and the business. It also simplifies the journey which allows the company to better understand each user.

Some of the largest companies in the world, such as Ford, T-Mobile and Red Bull, Groupon and eBay, are already reaping the benefits and increasing sales through the Spectrm platform. Spectrm claims that charities such as Save the Children have seen an increase in trust and donations through personal connections. This has led to a 30% increase in donations.

A free demo of Spectrm is available to next-generation business marketers. Simply fill in some details on the Spectrm site and a conversational expert will contact you to learn more about your needs and share information about the platform.

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