Tesla opens ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta software to more customers

Tesla now allows access to its beta version of Full Self-Driving (FSD), despite the National Transpiration Safety Board's serious concerns last week. This is done via a request button located on Teslas dashboard screens. Tesla will assess a driver's safety score before they can access the software. This is done using five criteria that determine the likelihood of a collision occurring in the future.
The score is calculated using data from sensors installed on drivers Tesla. It includes forward collision warnings for every 1,000 miles, hard brake, aggressive turning, and Autopilot disengagement. After three warnings (visual and audio), the Tesla's Autopilot feature will disengage when the vehicle determines that you have lost your grip on the wheel or have become distracted. This is according to the safety score guide.

FSD Teslas are not fully autonomous

Although the guide does not indicate what Tesla considers an acceptable safety rating to access FSD beta software, it states that most drivers will score 80 out of 100. FSD beta software doesn't make Tesla autonomous. The driver must maintain control over the vehicle at all time.

Tesla has opened FSD beta access early this year, one year after opening a limited beta version to a select few customers. In July, Tesla opened a monthly subscription package to FSD at $199 per year or $99 per calendar month for Tesla owners who purchased the now-discontinued Enhanced Autopilot bundle. The FSD package cost $10,000 and was available for purchase at a once-off fee. Tesla owners have the option to cancel their FSD subscription at any point, as per the terms of Teslas website.

Jennifer Homendy is the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board. She stated last week that Tesla needs to address safety issues before expanding FSD.

When a popular Tesla blog posted an editorial questioning whether Homendy's comments were fair, Musk responded with a tweet. It had a link that took him to Homendy's Wikipedia page. (which, at this writing, has a paragraph called Tesla criticism that links directly to news stories about her comments). Musk did not comment on Twitter.

Teslas media email did not respond to a request for comment on Sunday morning. The company has disbanded its press office and rarely responds to media inquiries. A request for comment was also not answered by the NTSB.