Costco confirms it's limiting toilet paper and water purchases, as customers start to stockpile amid the spread of the Delta variant

Costco has restored purchase limits for toilet paper. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images
Costco has lowered the number of toilet paper and water that customers can purchase in its stores.

These items are in high demand as customers stock up on them due to the Delta variant's popularity.

Costco customers have complained about product shortages on Twitter for several days.

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Costco has restored its purchase limit on key items.

In a Thursday call with analysts, the warehouse chain confirmed that it had reinstituted purchase limits for items like toilet paper and packs containing Kirkland water. This was to avoid shortages. It said that customers are purchasing more of these items due to the widespread Delta variant in the US.

Insider published an earlier report on Costco's purchase limit limits this month. Costco has not confirmed that certain items are limited or that they were in response to spikes of demand.

Costco customers began to complain last month about toilet paper shortages. Some customers even suggested that they might stockpile the product.

"Didn't we learn anything from last year? I went to Costco, and they were out of toilet paper. One Nevada resident said that these people "never learn."

To prevent product shortages, grocery chains used purchase limits during the initial days of the pandemic.

Costco has imposed new limits to address "the increase in Delta-related demand," Richard Galanti, Chief Financial Officer of Costco, said during a conference call with analysts.

Galanti explained to analysts that it's not just customers who are causing shortages of certain products. He also said that supply-chain problems were a problem for Galanti.

He used antibacterial wipes for an example but did not specify which brand.

He said that while there was a shortage of merchandise a year ago, they now have plenty, but it takes two to three weeks for them to get it delivered.

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