Chris Hemsworth Used a Grotesque Hack to Get Swole Enough to Play Thor

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Although you might desire to be like Thor, the work it takes to get there may convince you otherwise.

Chris Hemsworth, actor, recently uploaded a video to Instagram of a similar workout. He claimed that the secret to his huge arms was a blood-flow restriction technique that sounds monstrous.

Hemsworth explained in the caption that by restricting blood flow and oxygen, muscles are forced to work harder for a shorter time. This is what happens in sports science stuff. It is one of the most painful training methods I have ever seen, but it is part of the puzzle to growing Thor's arms so they look like racehorses.

Ross Edgley, an Australian trainer, straps Hemsworth's blood-flow restriction band around his arms and then guides him through intense arm exercises. The Thor actor can be seen grinning and wincing in apparent immense pain, even though he is an actor professional throughout the workout.



Although it may seem like a terrible and painful way of training, the science behind this restriction method is actually quite sound. Lactic acid builds up when blood gets trapped in the arm. This causes your arms to release more muscle growth hormones. You can also get more muscle growth with a lighter weight.

This is very helpful for training around injuries that don't allow heavier loads, according to Harry Smith, a personal trainer who doesn't work with Hemsworth. Because blood-flow restriction training restricts blood flow, you can use lighter loads than usual. This is because the restricted venous return traps blood inside the muscle, which limits its movement and creates a lot of metabolites as well as lactic acid.

According to a 2019 paper, there is evidence that blood flow restriction workouts can cause muscle damage, and at worst, rhabdomyolysis. It is important to note that muscle damage can occur with many weight resistance workouts, so it is not entirely out of the ordinary. More research is required to fully understand this technique.

It is important to note that this method won't likely give you arms as powerful as a Norse god. Hemsworth and other actors are provided with an army of top chefs and personal trainers around the world to help them transform their bodies by wealthy studios. Some even take performance-enhancing drugs and employ a lot of suspect techniques nevermind the looming possibility of CGI in feature films to get their bodies camera-ready.



Bottom line: It's not a good idea to compare yourself with them or attempt to attain their body types. This is a recipe for disaster.

As with all new training techniques, especially painful ones like blood-flow restriction training, it is important to consult a professional trainer before you begin. You might end up looking less like Thor and more like Thanos in Avengers: Endgame if you jump in blindly.

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