Are B2B SaaS marketers getting it wrong? – TechCrunch

What terms do you associate with SaaS?
There are many words that describe solutions, including cutting-edge, scalable, and innovative. SaaS marketers all over the globe seem to be using the same terminology.

Unfortunately for them, research has shown that jargon-laden copy combined with vague benefits and features is deterring customers. According to The SaaS Engine, 57% of website users would like to see clearer navigation and clarity. This suggests that technical jargon and unnecessarily complicated UX are turning off customers.

SaaS marketers don't try, but that doesn't mean they arent trying. Seventy-five percent of respondents have made major changes to their websites and 33% have updated the content. How and why is this happening?

There is no greater slave to fashion than someone who wants to avoid it. This holds true for SaaS marketing. You must do extensive competitor analysis to truly stand out.

When it comes to clarity, high-converting content and clarity, there are three mistakes that SaaS marketers repeat over and over.

Not being different from their competitors. Not humanizing tech talk.

We will discuss the findings of the research and the steps that you can take to avoid them.

Mixing in with the competition

It's a jungle out there. Camouflage is a key ingredient in survival in the wild. But in the SaaS marketplace it's all about standing out. Let's face it, how many SaaS websites do you see that are identical? How many times have there been tech-driven innovations that can revolutionize your workflow?

According to the research, 76% of SaaS users at work are using SaaS more often or more frequently than last year. As with all things, there is more competition than ever. It's important to be different. Instead of copying your competitors' phrases or using the same words, it is time to communicate with your audience with originality and empathy.

But how can you do this?