T-Mobile Says an Additional 5.3 Million Customer Accounts Were Compromised in Data Breach

T-Mobile shared earlier this week details about a data breach in which hackers had access to close to 50,000,000 personal information of current, former and potential customers.

T-Mobile stated at the time that data from 7.8million current customers and information from 40,000,000 former or potential customers had been compromised. T-Mobile has updated its statement to confirm that data from another 5.9 million customers who are postpaid was accessed.

These customers had access to their names, addresses and birth dates. They also had phone numbers, IMEIs and IMSIs. Customers with SSNs and driver's license information were also stolen from the previous 7.8 million.

T-Mobile claims that in addition to the 40 million affected customers, or potential customers, another 667,000 accounts were compromised. These customers were compromised by hackers who gained their names, phone numbers and birth dates. Information about SSNs and drivers licenses was also leaked to other customers, both past and future.

Hackers also had access to data files that contained phone numbers, IMEI numbers and IMSI numbers. However, that data did not contain any personally identifiable information. T-Mobile claims that it doesn't believe the files containing customer financial information, credit card or debit information were stolen.

T-Mobile's postpaid customers had 850,000 numbers and PINs exposed. T-Mobile reset all accounts. T-Mobile claims that 52,000 names may have been associated with Metro by T-Mobile accounts, however no files from T-Mobile involving former Sprint prepaid customers or Boost customers were stolen.

Hackers posted on a forum offering data for sale from 100 million T-Mobile customers. Data for sale included phone numbers, names and physical addresses as well as IMEI numbers and driver's license data.

T-Mobile claims that it has reached millions of customers. It is now offering two years of identity protection services through McAfee’s ID Theft Protection Service to those who are impacted. T-Mobile recommends that all eligible customers sign up to free protection against scams.

T-Mobile claims that it has worked diligently to improve security across its platforms and is currently working with experts to determine the best next steps.