Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher eagerly discuss their bad hygiene

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and their beautiful, wealthy celebrity couple have decided that the world should know what they smell like. Despite years of hard work, which included sitcom appearances, film projects, and occasionally good judgment, the Kunis/Kutcher family have now openly admitted to the world that they don't like to bathe. They almost certainly need cartoon stink lines removed from every photo of them.AdvertisementTheir unconventional approach to basic hygiene is discussed almost immediately in the July 19th episode. Kunis is asked if they bathe daily. Kunis responds that she does not. She also discusses washing her most important bits piece-by-piece rather than taking a full shower. Kutcher is eager to add more detail and says, "I wash my armpits daily and my crotch every day.Kunis says that her mother didn't have hot water and she therefore avoided showering often as a child growing up in Ukraine. After she had children, Kunis and Kutcher, who seem to have no reason for being such a staunch soap-dogger, passed her bad habits on to their children. They didn't want to wash their clothes every day.Kunis says that I was not the one who bathed my newborns.Shepard says it's been six years since his children have had a proper bath. Kutcher suggests that if you can see dirt, then clean them.We also find out that Kristen Bell, a celebrity spouse to Shepards, washes her skin but not her body. Kutcher will at most pour some water on his mug after working hard to remove all salts. Kunis is known for washing her face twice daily. Shepard supports this behavior and says that we should all stop using soap and bathing to improve our skin.After this topic is over, Kunis and Kutcher dive into their NFT and cryptocurrency projects for the remainder of the episode. Dax Shepard describes crypto as a punk-rock movement. While it may not be as objectionable as the hosts and guests' bathing habits, it still stinks as bad as their homes.[via Consequence Of Sound]Email great job tips and internet tips to