According to a report published Saturday by The New York Times, executives at Fox News indicated to employees that they wanted to push a narrative that focused on jealousy.

One current Fox employee said the network execs wanted to highlight the grievances that would get people boiled up.

The employee told The Times that the narrative made viewers believe they were in danger.

Media Matters has published reports accusing Fox News of fearmongering on a number of issues, from terrorism at the southern border to critical race theory.

According to polls, people who watch Fox News are more likely to believe that the election was stolen. They are more likely to believe in vaccine misinformation.

Even in federal office, the influence of Fox News is felt. President Joe Biden referred to Murdoch as the most dangerous man in the world and one of the most destructive forces in the United States.

The network uses viewer data to make decisions about its coverage.

Tucker Carlson uses minute-by-minute data to inform the network how viewers respond to different coverage.

One former Fox employee who worked with Carlson told The Times that Carlson was going to double down on white nationalism because of the minute-by-minutes show.

According to The Times, Fox reporters who covered Trump received low ratings. Left-leaning guests did the same.

A former Fox employee told The Times that the network is obsessed with minute-by-minute broadcasts.

Insider was referred to by a Fox News Media spokesman.

FOX News Media has grown through strategic innovation, redirecting investments in journalism to encompass more than 50 percent of the budget while expanding our footprint beyond one legacy linear network to eight thriving platforms. As a result, we doubled our audience, achieved unparalleled results, and have become the destination that more Democrats and Independents choose for their news coverage while our competitors have lost dramatic levels of viewers. FOX News Media has achieved all-time ratings records and delivered the best in class, thanks to the dedication of the entire team.