Biden said he was excited to be here with the only group of Americans with a lower approval rating.

This is the first time a president has attended in six years and we had a horrible plague followed by two years of Covid, Biden said.

The president said that roasting the GOP wasn't his style.

The president said there was nothing he could say about the GOP that Kevin McCarthy had already put on tape.

The presence of Covid was felt during Saturday's event as the White House and Washington look to move past the Pandemic. Guests were required to show proof of vaccinations and negative Covid tests for entry.

Biden took a jab at some Fox News hosts who were anti-vaccine.

Everyone had to prove they are fully vaccine and boosted. If you're watching this at home and wondering how to do it, contact your favorite Fox News reporter. Biden said that they were all here and had been vaccine and boosted.

The president often struck a serious tone, with Russia's war on Ukraine hanging over the event. The fallen journalists were remembered by speakers, including Biden.

Biden said the U.S. has seen the courage of the Ukrainian people because of the courage of American reporters on the ground. He thanked the reporters for their coverage of Russia's attacks, the deadly Pandemic, and the threat of climate change.

The awards and speeches portion of the event began with a pre-taped skit with James Corden in the White House press briefing room before the WHCA president took the stage to welcome guests.

We are grateful for the vaccines, the therapies, the tests that make it possible for us to be here together, Portnoy said during the opening remarks.

The guests were asked to identify themselves. Biden was a guest of the Philadelphia Bulletin evening newspaper when he first attended the dinner in 1974.

The cavernous ballroom was filled with about 2,600 people, with only a few wearing masks. The dinner portion of the event was not attended by Biden and his wife, but they arrived just before the awards and speeches began.

The large gathering was held amid fears that it could spur another Covid outbreak after dozens of attendees tested positive after the Gridiron dinner a few weeks ago. Saturday's attendees enjoyed getting out and about for their first Washington banquet since Covid struck the U.S.

The Vice President who tested positive for Covid was not in attendance. Anthony Fauci withdrew from the event last week due to concerns over the virus.

Celebrity attendees included comedian Pete Davidson and reality star KimKardashian. CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper were among the bold-faced names in the media. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was spotted at the event.

The host of The Daily Show took the stage after Biden delivered the traditional roast.

Noah said that he was honored to be speaking at the most distinguished super-spreader event.

Eugene Daniels and Sudeep Reddy worked on this report.