Delta’s decision to pay flight attendants for the time boarding aircraft sent shockwaves through the industry. Traditionally flight attendant union-bargained contracts pay flight attendants a higher wage for the flight itself, and don’t calculate time spent boarding. Thus, many flight attendants feel they ‘don’t get paid’ for that time.

I've heard from cabin crew at several airlines who are envious of their counterparts at Delta, who are seeing this new pay on top of raises that started right before the Pandemic, on top of special profit sharing bonuses announced earlier this year, and on top of raises that go into

The unions of flight attendants at other airlines are scared. They couldn't get this for their own members because Delta flight attendants did. It makes the case harder for Sara Nelson to win a unionization drive at Delta.

The AFA at United is trying to spin what is happening at Delta. Delta's flight attendants are getting a better deal than what they have been able to accomplish in 20 years.

Earlier this week, Delta management announced they would begin paying their Flight Attendants boarding pay at half the rate of flight time pay. This is a good thing, and, in our view, all Flight Attendants should receive boarding pay. After all, this has been a priority for Flight Attendants for at least the last twenty years.

However, since 9/11 we’ve been consumed with battling management at the bargaining table to keep that which we’ve previously accomplished during negotiations.

They suggest Delta flight attendants are being tricked.

So, one asks, “What the rest of the story?” Shrouded by this announcement is the fact that Delta management has increased passenger boarding time from 35 to 40 minutes and this announcement is their attempt to tamper back the angry reaction it deserves from Flight Attendants.

Domestic mainline flights will be boarding in 40 minutes instead of 35. They will be paying for boarding time on all flights.

Flight attendants don't like early boarding because it doesn't add to their pay. The beef isn't with early boarding but with having to work more time without an increase in pay. Delta pays for time. Delta flight attendants make more money when Delta boards are earlier. AFA, that should be an angry reaction.

They say that this is being done to beat the unionization drive. AFA is angry that they are likely to succeed. Non-union Delta can make more money. Delta is choosing a way to show it to flight attendants.

As Delta continues to add additional services, they have failed to restore staffing to pre-pandemic levels on the aircraft, according to the union. The AFA's own United cut staffing levels on international long haul even before the Pandemic.

A lot of flight attendants at other airlines are wondering what their dues are for. It might be possible to pay for a union that is honest with its members and presents them with more than just facts.

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Even though its competitors are laying off thousands, Delta Air Lines won't be cutting flight attendants. The non-union workforce at Delta received a big raise last Labor Day. Flight attendants get to keep their jobs on Labor Day. Delta made a strong argument.

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Delta has made a move that is going to be a huge hit with employees, and will cause jealousy across the industry. Flight attendants are getting a raise, and it is coming in the form of addressing a real sore spot in compensation. It could keep unionization at bay.

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United Flight Attendants Campaigning in Union Election Outside San Francisco United Club

Airline unions become like Ponzi schemes because they benefit the first in at the expense of those who join later. Senior flight attendants were paid to stay home when American Airlines took payroll support money from the government.

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