Oprah is working on a new project that addresses racial disparity in healthcare.

The media mogul spoke with the LA Times to promote her new documentary, "The Color of Care", which is airing this weekend on the Smithsonian Channel.

She talked about putting a spotlight on what people living in poverty have had to deal with navigating the healthcare system, and how she believes race has had something to do with it.

Oprah acknowledged that she has been given an enormous amount of access and priority throughout her life.

Being able to get the best of whatever you need whenever you need it is one of the best perks of being famous. She says that in the mid-2000s she had a thyroid problem that was misdiagnosed by multiple doctors because she didn't want to find out what was wrong with her.

She claims the guy told her tobrace hunger, otherwise she would gain a lot of weight. O says that the medical establishment is flawed and that advocates for people to get multiple opinions and have a support system.

On the issue of masks. Oprah supports wearing them, even at this point, but she respects those who want to ditch them.

Oprah spoke about the idea that we as a society seem to have forgotten about the many deaths we have had. Not at the opening of a speech or mentioning in a State of the Union.

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She thinks there should be a formal communal gathering for this.