Kyle Gordy, a sperm donor with 47 biological kids, can't seem to find a girlfriend.

The 30-year-old believes his success as an independent sperm donor is to blame for his dating troubles.

Kyle doesn't have an issue with people looking for him, the problem is that women only want him for his semen.

He says he has fathered 47 kids across the globe with another 10 on the way, and that he has been donating semen since he was 22 and now does it for free on social media.

Kyle says he has a hard time finding a real connection with women because they hit him up on social media just to look for his swimmers.

The guy is currently on a donation tour around the world, and he hopes to find a special lady somewhere.

Kyle is willing to settle down and start a family of his own, but admits it will take a very special lady to accept him for who he is.

That's good. Kyle says his secret to not firing blanks is an organic diet, 18 different supplements and herbs a day, and staying away from alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and drugs.