ms. juicy baby

According to her agency, the star of Little Women: Atlanta is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

The family of Ms. Juicy Baby is thankful for the well-wishes they are receiving and they are asking supporters to keep her in their thoughts.

According to production sources, over the last 2 years, Ms. Juicy has been working out and eating healthy. She had no serious health issues according to the sources.

The self-appointed Queen of Atlanta took the reality series by storm with her catchphrases.

In February of 2020 there was a big brawl between cast members. Ms. Juicy tried to act as a peacemaker.


She was sent to the hospital as a bloody mess with a big gash and needed some stitches. The fight was part of the show.

Ms. Juicy was friends with a person who died in a car crash. She was 34 years old.