You’ve been able to link your account to multiple computers for a while.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

There is a screen in a version of the app that shows a feature that would let users chat with the same account on multiple phones. The screen tells you to register the device by scanning a code with your main phone.

Even though the messages are end-to-end secure, a screen found in a previous version showed that devices could be able to sync recent messages. There is compelling evidence that this feature is in the works with the screen that instructs users on how to use the app on another device.

WhatsApp users can already link a phone and a computer

The feature that will allow chatting on a secondary phone or tablet has been found in the version of the app that runs on the Android platform. It's not clear if the feature will be available on Apple's mobile operating system if and when it launches. The Linked Devices feature allows you to use your account on multiple devices, but only on computers as secondary devices. The feature can be found on both platforms.

Since it was rolled out as a public alpha in November of 2021,Linked Devices has improved, but there are still a few features that are not supported. It doesn't do much for those with secondary phones or tablets. The parent company of the messaging service didn't respond immediately to The Verge's request for more information about its plans to expand theLinked Devices feature to support mobile devices.