Chelsea v Brentford - Premier League - Stamford Bridge

The potential sale of the club to the Ricketts family is being protested by fans.

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Chidebelu wants the melodrama to end.

Chidebelu is a soccer fan from eastern Nigeria with nearly 250,000 followers on his Vince account.

Chidebelu says that you wake up every morning and feel emotional. The number of bids for the team is expected to be reduced from three to two this week. Chidebelu wants the process to be over so that we can move on with our lives.


A group of supporters hold a sign against the family.

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The most expensive sale of a sports team in history is expected to be the purchase of Chelsea. The financial difficulties that the competing teams will face are related to the fact that Abramovich was able to paper over his wealth with dividends from London-listed Russian companies. The team lost over $1 million a week for 19 years.

Team Todd Boehly, a co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, is one of the people who are bidding.

The Financial Times reported this week that the bidders plan to finance their purchase with debt, a four-letter word. The team plans to take out a $630 million term loan with an additional $125 million in revolving credit from Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo. A person for the group did not respond to questions.


The fans hold up flags in the crowd.

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Fans have found the news and gossip about the sale exhausting. Most of them can't look away. The leader of a fan platform in London says that they need to choose the right place to follow the ups and downs. The more mature chats are coming in person or on the messaging app.

The soccer team has been negatively impacted by the sanctions against Abramovich. One of the best players this year, Antonio Rodriguez, is leaving for Real Madrid. The German player's contract was up and the club was unable to negotiate a new one. They have lost a player who could cost over $100 million to replace. Fans are aware that uncertainty in the dressing room can lead to players looking for an exit route if a solution isn't found. A $30 million wage bill is due at the end of the month and players will be tested.

One of the top three center backs in the world is hurting Chidebelu.

Fans feel the effects of the sanctions. There was no one on the team of the season list for the Blues, and that's because of their association with Russia and the invasion of Ukraine.

Chelsea's Ivory Coast Didier Drogba reac

Drogba was a legend at the club.

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The mentality of the team is what matters most, Ofori says. We are not going to just give it some time.

Every time we play, we want to win.

There is a grudging acknowledgement that the big money era ofAbramovich is over. He says that the data-led, analytical approach to recruitment, youth development and coaching will arrive as a tonic to the revolving-door years of managerial changes.

The new owners have little time to get their feet under the table in West London. At the top of English football, there is no expectation of continuity. The new owners have an enormous challenge on their hands if they want to keep their team in touch with the other teams.

Chidebelu says that being a fan means being an optimist. Look at what they have done.