The new Polaris seats should be on all United Airlines wide body jets by the summer of 2023.

United Airlines 767-400s getting new cabins

The Polaris business class concept was revealed by United Airlines in 2016 but the airline has been installing the new cabins at a slow pace. The 767-400 is the only wide body aircraft in the United fleet that does not feature the new Polaris seats.

United’s 767-400s don’t yet have new Polaris seats

There were questions about whether or not United would keep these planes in its fleet, if they were to be retired.

An update on that front has been reported by the person. New Polaris business class and Premium Plus premium economy seats will be included in the reconfiguration of all Boeing 757s by the summer of 2023. The new Polaris cabins will be on all United international wide body aircraft by the summer of 2023.

United 767-400s are getting new Polaris seats

How will United’s 767-400s be reconfigured?

While United Airlines hasn't officially confirmed how the Boeing

SO, to confirm, #'s will be:34 Polaris24 Premium+48 economy+

125 Y

— 🇺🇦 JonNYC 🇺🇦 (@xJonNYC) April 26, 2022

Currently, United's 767-400s have a total of 240 seats.

  • 39 business class seats
  • 70 Economy Plus (extra legroom economy) seats
  • 131 economy class seats

There will be a total of 231 seats in United's 767-400s.

  • 34 Polaris (business class) seats
  • 24 Premium Plus (premium economy) seats
  • 48 Economy Plus (extra legroom economy) seats
  • 124 economy class seats

Nine total seats will be lost by United, representing a 4% capacity reduction. The airline will be losing five business class seats and 22 extra legroom economy seats, but will be gaining 24 premium economy seats, and have a much more competitive business class product.

United 767-400s are getting Premium Plus seats

Bottom line

The reconfiguration of United Airlines' fleet of 16 Boeing should be completed by the summer of 2023. New Polaris business class seats and Premium Plus premium economy seats will be installed by United. The Polaris retrofit project should be completed within a year or so.

It is good to see that the jets have more life left in them.

What do you think about United's plans?

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