The self-service repair program for the iPhone was announced late last year and will be available in the United States later this year, with plans to launch in Europe later this year.

Apple says that genuine repair manuals and Apple parts and tools will be available in a new Self Service Repair Store. Customers will have access to over 200 individual parts and tools in the store. The store will only be able to offer tools for the scuplture of the scuplture of the scuplture of the scuplture of the scuplture of the scuplture of the scuplture The store will be expanded with tools, manuals, and parts for Macs with Apple chips later this year.

Customers will need to review the repair manual for their product and the specific repair on Apple's support website before they can conduct a repair. They will be able to order parts and tools from the Self Service Repair Store after that. Apple says that the tools and parts in the store are subjected to extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, safety and reliability.

Apple will provide a kit that includes all the essential tools needed to conduct repairs for customers, but they must order the parts. The rental kit will be available to customers for a week before they need to return the device to Apple. Customers who don't want to own and purchase tools for a single repair can rent this option.

According to the company, the program is part of Apple's efforts to further expand access to repairs. Apple cautions that most customers should still visit a professional repair provider, such as an Apple Store, to ensure their devices are repaired safely and reliably. Over the last three years, Apple has expanded its repair network, including over 3,000 independent repair providers and more than 5,000 authorized service providers.