For the creator industry, that means a lot of news and updates about YouTube, because of the first quarter earnings from the parent company.

YouTube is a good place to make money because creators earn a 45% share of ad revenue, rather than the measly payouts from the creator fund. The number of channels that made at least $10,000 in revenue increased by 40% according to the CEO of the company.

The platform made $6.87 billion, but missed its projections for ad revenue, which was expected to bring in $7.51 billion. This is still higher than last year's Q1, when YouTube earned about $6 billion in ad revenue, but those Wall Street folks don't love a miss.

The slower rate of growth is a reflection of last year's gains. In the first quarter of the year, the ad revenue at YouTube had increased by 49%. European advertisers slowed their spending due to Russia's war on Ukraine, which resulted in a loss of potential ad revenue.

30 billion views per day is four times more than last year and the platform is a clone of TikTok.

There have been a lot of innovations in online video, but there are still 2 billion people who visit the site every month.

In October, TikTok reached 1 billion monthly active users. It is safe to assume that most TikTok users watch more than one video each month.

The $100 million creator fund for shorts was introduced by YouTube last year in an effort to get TikTok stars to use their platform. The platform isn't completely brand new, so it will test ads in shorts. This will help the video sharing site get more ad revenue.

The revenue growth is being affected by the fact that shorts viewers grow as a percentage of total time on the site.

The growth of subscriber numbers for products like YouTube Premium was large enough to offset the decrease in revenue from the Play store. In October, developer fees were reduced to 15% or less for 99% of apps.

While this impacted our short-term results, we think it's the right long-term approach to support the ecosystem.

Revenue grew 23% year-over-year. People use the internet a lot.

A previous version of the story stated that there were 30 million views on YouTube. 30 billion is the actual figure.

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