There are many options when it comes to choosing a keyboard for your computer. The best keyboard for your setup is dependent on a number of factors, including space, desk layout, and your hands. While the selection of keyboards with Chrome OS layout is limited, there are some great options for students and professionals alike that work great with Chrome OS shortcuts that can save you time. If you want a better typing experience with your new Chromebook, you have a lot of options.

You can get a keyboard for any set of preferences, whether you want something tailored for fast typing, comfort, or something cheap that gets the job done. Picking a keyboard with function keys for Chrome OS can help ease your transitions if you know how to use the keyboard.

Selecting a keyboard that is designed for environments other than Windows or macOS can lead to function keys not being mapped as expected. Since most of the devices running Chrome OS are laptops, the market for Windows and Mac keyboards is still much larger. You can still use these keyboards, but you may need to learn a new set of keys.

Whether you are sitting or standing at your desk, the K860 from Logitech is able to adapt. You don't need to relearn a new layout too often because it's built well enough to last for years. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, the keyboards that are used for Chromebook are not ideal.


If you love a traditional keyboard layout but still want a good typing experience, the Logitech K580 is just what you're looking for. The phone holder is a great place to keep all of your devices. The layout of the OS makes it easy to transition from mobile to home usage.