Image: Sennheiser

The sound quality of the original pair of headphones has received a lot of praise. The third product in the series has been given a redesign and will be released today. They will be available in black, white, and graphite for a fee.

The True Wireless 3 buds look a bit closer to the other True Wireless buds than they do their predecessors. It is clear that Sennheiser has settled on a universal design language for its ear buds. The company's cheaper buds give off a less premium look than the Momentums.

Sennheiser’s new flagship buds move the USB-C port to the front of the case.
Image: Sennheiser

The fabric-covered case is the same size and shape as previous versions, but the charging port has been moved to the front. This is becoming more and more common, with companies like Jabra recently making the same change. It looks odd at first but can be more convenient in charging scenarios. This new case is hard to accept because it supports wireless charging, a feature that was absent from previous models.

Improvements to comfort, active noise cancellation, and call quality are offered by the latest earbuds from Sennheiser. Audio quality and battery life are not major improvements. The company's made-in-Germany, 7-millimeter drivers are used in the Momentum True Wireless 3s. The mobile app lets you take a listening test to personalize the bass, mids, and treble, but I would expect the overall sound profile to be the same. The True Wireless 3s support a number of codecs. When using buds with devices that make use of aptX adaptive, the latter should reduce any perceptible latency.

The adaptive noise cancellation implemented by Sennheiser allows the Momentum True Wireless 3s to adjust how much noise cancellation is applied based on your surroundings. Users still have the option of manually adjusting it to their preference, though the company says its system continuously observes ambient noise to suppress it in real time.

The crystal clear quality of both voice and video calls has been improved by the addition of three microphones to each of the earbuds. The charging case holds an additional 21 hours of battery life. The IPX4 certified True Wireless 3s are suitable for workouts and light rain.

There are no radical changes with the Momentum True Wireless 3s. They don't have the multipoint for example. The company is confident that these will appeal to the same market as prior models in the series, people who prioritize sound quality above all else.

Sennheiser is aiming to lure in the fitness crowd with its also-new Sport True Wireless earbuds.
Image: Sennheiser

The Sport True Wireless earbuds were introduced by Sennheiser to compete with the likes of the Beats Fit Pros. The Sport buds have both open and closed ear tips, which allow owners to switch between the two depending on the activity and how aware of their surroundings they need to be. The closed tips will give you more isolation than the open ones. The Sport True Wireless has an IP54 rating.