Are you worried about all the changes coming to the micro-blogging site after Musk takes over?

If Trump himself is to be believed, you may have nothing to worry about if one of your concerns is the return of the former President's social media posts.

According to Fox News, Trump told them he wouldn't be moving back to Twitter, but instead would stay on Truth Social, his social media platform that he only posted one time before it officially launched.

When Fox News reached out, Trump said he was not going to use social media.

Trump was banned from the platform in January of 2021 because of his behavior on the social network during the Capitol riot.

According to Fox News, Trump wished Musk well.

Before making a pitch for his platform, Trump said that he hoped that Elon would buy Twitter, but that he would stay on TRUTH.

He shared with Fox News that the response on TRUTH is better than being on TWITTER. The bottom line is that I am not going back to the social networking site.

According to Fox News, Trump told them that he will begin using his social media platform over the next week. The platform will market itself on the fact that Trump is exclusive to Truth Social.

Over the past few weeks, conservative social media users and right wing commentators have been rejoicing over the prospect of Musk acquiring the social media network. Musk can still ban Trump. If Trump is to be believed, the former president does not plan to use it.

Truth Social has been struggling over the past few weeks. The only people who seem to be having high engagements are Dan Bongino, the major right wing personality. Downloads and usage from the average consumer have fallen. Tech executives have left the company.

Is it possible for Trump to stay off social media if given the chance to return? Will he use his Truth Social account? He is likely to profit from Truth Social's success, even though he can't stay away from the mass on social media.

The sigh of relief can be exhaled by users who feared Trump would return.