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FILE -Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee delivers his State of the State address in the House Chamber of the Capitol building, Monday, Jan. 31, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. lection security experts for years have urged states to replace outdated voting machines. They say systems that include a paper record of every ballot cast would mean that any disputed results can be verified. Most took that path, but six states did not, five of them Republican-led. But with false claims still swirling around the 2020 presidential election, some GOP voters don't trust voting machines. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski, File) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Nashville, Tennessee. Legislation signed into law by Republican Gov. Bill Lee will soon add harsher penalties for public schools that allow trans athletes to play sports.

Lee quietly signed the proposal. The governor signed a measure last year requiring student athletes to prove their sex matches on their birth certificate. If a birth certificate was unavailable, the parents must provide another form of evidence to prove the student's sex at the time of birth.

The GOP-controlled Legislature decided to add penalties to the ban this year, even as a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality makes it way through court. The trial will be held in March of 2023.

The bill states that Tennessee's Department of Education would deny state funds to local school districts if they did not determine a student's gender for participation in middle or high school sports. The measure doesn't specify how much money should be taken out of the state.

July 1 is when the bill will take effect.

It is against the law for schools to tell trans students that they can't participate in sports because they are not good enough.

A bill that would ban female college sports players from being transexual is being advanced by the Tennessee legislature. Republicans have pushed to protect schools from civil liability and exempt teachers from being punished for using the pronoun that a student does not like. The General Assembly is expected to approve the proposals.

Tennessee enacted more laws targeting people who are trans last year. It included banning girls from playing sports.

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  • The approval rating for Joe Manchin has gone up 16 points since Biden became president.

  • The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by Kansas to revive a law that banned secret filming at slaughters and other livestock facilities. The justices did not comment on the federal appeals court panel's ruling that the ag-gag law was unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a split decision ruled that Kansas can't discriminate based on whether a person intends to harm or help the enterprise.

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  • If the GOP wins the majority this fall, Rep. Jordan threatened to investigate the social networking site for censoring conservative thoughts and opinions. Rep. Jordan said that the public square where debates happen should be the same place where you can have a fair referee.

  • The Supreme Court revisits the case of the coach who wanted to pray.

  • The new USA research was commissioned by Employer Brand Consultants and was conducted among members of the group.

  • This all-natural sleep patch is changing the way we sleep. Wake up more energetic every morning.

  • Nearly half of the jurors who sentenced the Texas woman to death for the death of one of her children have called for her to get a new trial.

  • The kids were aware of the message, according to the far right Florida governor's rep.

  • Evan McMullin is supported by the state party in his bid to overturn the presidential election result in 2020.

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    45 times teenagers got a taste of their own medicine.

  • The judge overseeing jury selection for a man who murdered 17 people at a Florida high school conceded that she should have questioned 11 potential jurors who said they would not follow the law before she dismissed them. The entire process was thrown out on Monday after Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer nullified two weeks of work by prosecution and defense lawyers because of their strong objection to the motion filed by the prosecutors. Almost 250 potential jurors who said they could sit for a four-month trial will not be called back for further questioning.

  • A lawsuit has been filed against the new principal of a middle-high school.

  • The topic of a conversation that they probably don't want to be involved in is Pier Morgan's interview with Donald Trump. The former president had quite a few things to say about their relationship and the future of their marriage, even though he wasn't aware of the inner workings of their marriage.

  • Few know that Amazon has millions of Prime subscribers.

  • In a letter shared with CNBC, Republican lawmakers accused Big Tech companies of anti-conservative bias.

  • Police said the two men had been fighting.

  • Robin Roberts was worried that her interview with Barack Obama in support of marriage equality would hurt her.

  • Do you think you can get a cheaper internet package? Maybe you should rethink.

  • Donald Trump is considering how much to spend and how many Republican candidates to fund in this year's elections as he faces pressure to use his war chest to help Republicans gain control of Congress, two sources familiar with the matter said. The Save America leadership political action committee has raised more than $110 million and spent less than $17 million since it was founded in November of 2020. Save America's limited spending has raised questions among campaign finance experts and political observers, who say it could be a sign that he is planning a presidential run in 2024.

  • The Republicans in the US House of Representatives welcomed reports that the social media company is close to a sale to Musk and called on him to return to the social media platform. Media Matters for America warned against what some Republicans cheered.

  • The Florida Department of Education found problematic material in the math textbooks for public school students.

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  • American City Business Journals

    It is bad that the Los Gatos-based company has lost 39% of its value in the past week. According to one published report, it is facing another big hit with falling employee morale.

  • Stephen Root has had a long and successful career, whether you prefer NewsRadio or King Of The Hill, or Dodgeball, or his memorable appearance as the frazzled shopkeeper in The Book of Boba Fett who complains about the stupid moped teens, but ahead of his return in season three of HBO.

  • Nominees for boys wrestler of the year have been announced. This is part of the USA Today.