We are currently living in a weird world and it's a twilight zone. Even though restrictions have been removed, things are still not back to pre-pandemic ways. I am not sure if they will ever get back to the good old days. Travel has suffered the most, in my opinion. The travel experience is not close to what it was, whether you are talking about the process of getting there, the cost, the cleanliness of your room or even the experience when your boots hit the ground. We need to accept that reality and our expectations need to be altered as well. Many people are not going to be prepared for this over the next few months and I believe that this will reach a boiling point. I'm thinking I may boycott summer travel. I don't think the juice will be worth it, and I don't think I'm alone.

Summer Travel Is Next Level

Summer travel is chaotic. This is the time of year when travelers can have a break from their kid's school calendar. Parents can schedule a week here or there instead of the rushed approach.

People without kids like to travel in the summer when the weather is good. My wife and I used to take a trip or two every summer even before the kids were born.

All of this adds up to an influx of travelers you usually only see around the holidays or spring break, the two times I usually avoid travel at all costs. During busy times, a lot of people are walking around with stress levels through the roof. They are ready to leave at any moment. Karen and Ken will explode over the next 3-4 months. We get hit with the aftermath of that blast, so that would be fine.

Boycott Summer Travel

This Summer Will Be Even Worse

This summer is the one time of the year when I think it's the best to be on the road. There is a Lord of the Rings reference there.

Airlines are understaffed. They had an issue with cutting staff too deeply. That isn't the whole story. A problem that won't be solved for a long time is the result of the Pandemic. This has led to chaos in other times. During the holidays and the last month of spring break, we saw a lot of flight changes and canceled flights. This summer it will get worse. Airlines know they will never be able to handle their staffing levels because they are so money hungry. It puts a lot of stress on the pilots, flight attendants, grounds crew and gate agents.

The experience on the ground is not going to be as good if you get through the airport unscathed. Staffing issues are likely even when the hotel is full. Slow service, dirty rooms, and not the smooth process you have become accustomed to will result from this. You will see the same issues at local attractions and restaurants when you are in the area. It will require a lot of patience this summer.

Prices Are Making Matters Worse & Points Don’t Help Like They Once Did

You know what will send people into a frenzy? They had to sell their first child to make the trip. The prices are insane. I have seen 90 minute flights going to $600 and hotels up to $1000 a night, things that would have been under $300 a night a few years ago.

You are telling me that the experience won't be like it was, and you have to pay double? Isn't that going to end well?

The sad truth is that points don't come to the rescue like they have in the past. If the price went up, we were all like, cool, that means a better cents per point redemption for me. Most programs have gone fully dynamic, added new expensive tiers, or at a minimum added peak and non peak pricing. Even with points, you are likely to be paying more than you were a few years ago. The cost in points will increase when the cash prices go up.

How Are People Affording This Craziness?

What family can afford these prices without points or miles? I can't imagine paying $5,000 out of pocket for a trip to Florida's west coast. There is a huge demand for travel after the last few years, and vacation savings are bulging, but the value is not there anymore. You expect a king's reward when you pay a king's ransom. Disney has always been a joke, but at least the experience usually delivers for people. Two blocks from the beach, there is a $400 Spirit flight and $500 Hampton Inn. People are going to feel cheated all summer long.

Boycott Summer Travel

Boycott Summer Travel – Final Thoughts

I think I'm going to boycott summer travel because of the prices, the watered down experience, the insanity of the less traveled, and the headaches of managing the constant schedule changes. I love living in the shoulder seasons, but my summer travels may be more sparse than in the past because of the crowds.

I will be going back to Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay with my family at the end of June. The MtM Diamond meet up in Mexico City in September will be the last one. I was going to take my son with me to Alaska again in early June, but that is not going to happen because of the weather. Hopefully the crowds are settled down at that point because the prices are a bit more reasonable. I will mix a quick trip in there during the peak summer season, but I won't cram the schedule like I will for the fall and winter.

I think I'm not alone in this. I have heard from friends and read on social media that people are going to slow down over the next few months. Sometimes a break is needed. There is no shame in that.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you going full steam ahead this summer or will you be boycotting summer travel a bit this year?

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