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Right now, it isn't a good place. In the first quarter of 2022, the company lost 200,000 subscribers, the first time in more than a decade that they have lost subscribers. It is not surprising given the recent price hikes and the threat of a password-sharing crackdown.

The service could lose as many as 2 million subscribers in the second quarter, according to new projections. We want to know if you are one of the people who plan to leave.

Depending on your plan, the prices in the U.S. and Canada have been raised by as much as $2 per month. The basic plan is $10 per month, which is more than other streaming services. You will have to pay up to $20 per month for HD or 4K content. The launch of the cheaper ad-supported tier on the best streaming devices led to the addition of 3 million subscribers.

The company has been adamant about not introducing to the platform a cheaper ad-supported tier. It makes sense that it would want to lure customers back with cheaper options. It is not clear if such a strategy would work, especially if our favorite shows are canceled.


Netflix just cancelled Archive 81. I will be cancelling Netflix, effective immediately.March 24, 2022

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A widespread practice that many users rely on to share the cost of the rising subscription prices is the testing of a way to charge extra to share passwords. As many as 100 million households share their passwords with others, according to a report by the streaming service. The move could push subscribers even further away from the platform.

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