A PS5 is no longer necessary.Jon FingasJ. Fingas|04.20.22Jon Fingas
Sony DualSense controller for PS5
Aaron Souppouris/Engadget

You can use a dualsense controller with your PC, but it wasn't as appealing when you couldn't update the firmware without access to a PS5. Thankfully, that is no longer necessary. You don't need a console to upgrade the dualsense through the Sony tool. You will not miss out on bug fixes if you prefer computer gaming.

The software needs Windows 10 or 11. You will need to update controllers at a time.

The tool will be useful for PC-only players who want the same controller functions as their PS5 counterparts. It could also be useful for remote play. You can keep a dualsense by your computer and not have to visit the living room to get the gamepad up to date.

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