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Stephen Curry crossed Monte Morris. Curry made it past Morris, but Jokic remained between him and the basket. But before Jokic or Morris could stop him, Curry split them on a spin more and finished with a layup as he crashed to the ground.

Curry made his way down the court after the Denver Nuggets called a timeout, and he said three very clear words: "I'm f---ing back."

Curry said after the Warriors beat the Nuggets 126-106 on Monday at Chase Center to take a 2-0 lead in their first-round playoff series that there was a little pep in his step. It was nice.

Maybe the Warriors didn't need Curry to be back in that form. They were fine with his quieter night in the first game. According to a source, the Warriors were hoping Curry would start to find his rhythm but wouldn't be concerned if he didn't. It gave a glimpse of what this Warriors team can look like if they are fully healthy and clicking on all cylinders, like a serious contender in the playoffs for the first time in years.

With Curry coming off the bench again and still playing under a 22 to 23 minute restriction, he said it was his goal Monday to make his minutes impact.

Curry finished the night with 34 points, four assists, three rebound, one block and one assist for a plus-32 net rating.

Draymond Green said "Jesus" when he saw Curry's net rating on the stat sheet.

Green said that he was incredible and that he broke their defense. You can get him into the paint kicking out and flying back off for 3s once he did that. At that time, Steph is at his most dangerous. It was what you expect from him, the way he came in and settled the offense. It doesn't get much better than that to be plus-32 in 23 minutes.

Curry's field goal percentage in the playoffs was the highest of his career. It was the first time in his career that he scored 30 or more points in less than 25 minutes, even though it was the 48th time he played less than 25 minutes.

Curry is the greatest sixth man ever in the playoffs, according to the coach.

The most dangerous guy on the floor is the guy who just passed the ball, and that's what Curry is. He has been doing it for a long time. He gives the ball up, you relax, and he flies off a screen and makes you pay.

Mon.Stephen Curry23DEN
2005Kirk Hinrich24WSH
2020Paul George25DAL
2011Jason Terry25LAL
1962Tom Heinsohn25PHW
-- Elias Sports Bureau

The first two games have the same dilemma for the Nuggets. They want to defend Curry hard, maybe even throw a double-team his way. What do they do about Klay Thompson? They are forced to confront Jordan as well.

The problem is that you have three players that are capable of putting up 30-40 points.

Thompson finished with 21 points on 9-of-19 shooting, while Poole followed up his stellar playoff debut with 29 points on 10-of-16 shooting, including 5-of-10 from 3, eight assists and five rebound.

The only two players in franchise history with 25 points in each of their first two career playoff games were Poole and Chamberlain. Through his first two playoff games, Poole has an effective field goal percentage of 82.8, which is the second highest of any player in the shot-clock era.

Curry said that the maturation of his game in these three years has been unbelievable. That cannot be taught. That is something you have or you don't. I am happy that he has it.

The Warriors have toyed with their opponents during the latter years of their dynasty, and it is hard not to think of that when watching the way the trio has performed so far in the first round.

The game completely shifted in favor of Golden State in the middle two quarters, and they did not do anything with the Nuggets. It was very similar to how they took control of Game 1.

At the six-minute mark of the second quarter, the Warriors checked in with their newest small-ball lineup of Curry, Thompson, Andrew, and Green. In the first two games of the series, that lineup has scored 42 points in 10 minutes.

When you snap of a finger in a game, you are out of the game.

Stephen Curry finished the night with 34 points, four assists, three rebounds, one block and one assist in 23 minutes off the bench for a plus-32 net rating. Remarked Nuggets coach Michael Malone: "Curry is the greatest sixth man ever in the playoffs." Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors closed the half on a 26-8 run, with 24 of those points coming from Curry, Thompson and Poole.

Through the first two games of this series, Curry, Thompson and Poole have combined for 149 points and are shooting a combined 56% from the field and deep.

Green said that you have to game plan for Jordan instead of game plan for Klay.

The way Curry gets his looks throughout the Warriors offense, creating space, taking advantage of mismatches and moving fluidly off the ball are some of the nuances that Poole has picked up.

Teams often plan on trapping Curry, but now have to change their defensive plans to trap Poole as well.

It is hard to game plan against because you have to give up something. It is difficult for teams to make decisions on the fly when we are playing fast.

Curry came off the bench for the second game in a row, and this will continue as long as he is under a tighter minutes restriction. Curry isn't in a rush to get back into the starting lineup because it's more important to manage his foot pain than to start games.

His teammates are in agreement with that decision. They are not feeling any pressure to rush Curry either. When asked if it matters who starts, Green said it does. Green said that they need Curry back out there. He followed up quickly:

Jordan is probably going to have to start as well. Great problem to have.