The best docking stations will allow you to plug in a single cable to keep your laptop warm. When you want to use a clicky mechanical keyboard, an ergonomics mouse, or add a secondary display, docking stations are here to keep things neat and organized. The cables are too short and leave your desk cluttered, while docking stations help keep things connected while staying out of your way. These are the best docking stations if you need to connect your laptop to the internet.

Expand the versatility of your Chromebook with these docking stations

The best Chromebook docking stations balance ports and portability

Since most docking stations are built for Mac/PC, Chromebook compatibility can be hit or miss.

Most docking stations can only output one Chromebook screen and most Chromebooks have built-in card readers. The number of ports, the price, and the spacing between them should be the focus. The Plugableusb Mini Docking Station is a great hub to pair with the best Chromebooks. It covers the basic port bases withoutcluttering your desk.

If you want to use a Chromebook docking station with accessories that are compatible with it, you need to go to the Baseus 16-in-1USB-C Dock or the Kensington SD2000P. There are two ports for peripherals and a charge-only port for topping off your phone or power bank. The HDMI port is also included.

If you just wanted a dock to plug in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, consider downsizing to a compactusb-c hub instead. Uni has a four-foot cord so you can keep it further from your laptop.

If you use a 3.5mm jack for your Chromebook, it will route audio to that port regardless of whether you use headphones or speakers. If you're going to be plugging and unplugging your Chromebooks from your dock frequently, you should invest in some speakers so you don't have to use the internal speaker every time.

If you don't want to do that, you can use ausb-c hub. I don't recommend using a docking station without a headphone jack, but practically every docking station on the market today has an audio combo jack. It is an easy way to boost a listing's port total.