The spaceflight startup has received some critical and hilarious responses after announcing it is getting into non-fungible token.

With a successful trip to the International Space Station under its belt, Axiom Space is now looking to cash in with NFTs that wereinted from space.

"That don't impress Twitter much at all", said the noted author.

One user wrote in response to the company's NFT announcement that they don't want their clients to be called.

The rejoinder was referring to the fact that the crew of space tourists sent to the International Space Station by Axiom Space were not paid for their work.

It was a brilliant way to ruin my interest in Axiom Space.

The senior writer for Space News had an even funnier take on what else could stand for.

Newly Functional Technology? Is it normal for flexibility testing to be normal? With all the emphasis on research, I assume that has to be something like a novel fluid transfer.

The Final Frontier

This is not the first time that space and NFTs have collided. The US Space Force made virtual reality-enabled NFTs in 2021.

Scott Kelly is raising money for Ukraine by releasing an International Space Station-themed NFT collection.

Many argue that it is a bad look for a company that is trying to make money from space travel.

There are some hilarious dunks and irritated gripes here.

Space Crypto

Surprised they haven't changed the Twitter name to Axiom.eth yet

— Sebastian StAmour 🇺🇸🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈 (@sebby_stamour) April 18, 2022

You should be careful what you say.

Burning Money

— McGuire Wood 🍃 (@Jioriku) April 18, 2022

This meme is apt given that the guy who bought Jack Dorsey's first tweet as an NFT tried to sell it for $48 million and only got a top bid of a tiny fraction of that.

Eff It

Fuck off immediately

— bitch pizza (@Livingstone_KJ) April 18, 2022

Well said.

Some Good Space Art

Jade Boudreaux is interested in selling her art as NFTs and she showcased her work on the social networking site.

If only art like Boudreaux's was what was prominent in the NFT world, instead of the random animations that were on the International Space Station.

Space tourists are bringing a brain-reading helmet to space this month.

Porn StarPunishes Man for Buying NFTs.

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