Workers were reportedly given a sleeping bag and a mattress.

Employees at the factory are being forced to live at work due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 cases in China. The company will give sleeping bags and mattresses to its employees, who will be made to sleep on the floor.

After the government imposed a lock down on the populous city of Shanghai on March 28, several manufacturers in the area are preparing to resume operations. Multinational companies want the government to relax its restrictions so that they can return to production, even if it means that their workers can't leave the premises.

The electric car manufacturer sent out a memo to its employees that details some of the conditions that they will be forced to live under, according to reporters at Bloomberg. There will be designated areas on the floor for people to sleep in, as well as areas for showering and entertainment, according to reports. Three meals a day will be given to employees, with an allowance of 400 yuan.

To avoid the spread of Covid-19, employees will have to take a nuclei acid test once a day for the first three days, have their temperatures checked twice a day, and wash their hands four times a day.

The South China Morning Post reported that companies wishing to resume operations in Shanghai had to submit detailed plans on how they are going to stop the spread of Covid-19 at their work places.