Their kids might be in search of plastic colored eggs this AM, but Ben and Jen are on a different hunt, pounding the pavement for their new home.

On Sunday, the couple popped up in Bel Air on what appears to be a site that is very much under construction.

Ben and Jen were out and about taking a look around before heading back to their SUV, but we can't see any actual house here.

They were looking at a mansion in Brentwood on Saturday, and seemed to be taking in the views from up on an elevated portion of the home, where they didn't seem all that impressed.

After their deal for the coveted Bel Air estate fell through last week, Bennifer's made another stop in their real estate search.

They peeped massive compounds owned by the ex-wife of Mr. Chow, but they haven't been able to make up for it.

They walked away from the $55 million purchase because they felt it wasn't right for them.

While these fancy abodes are sitting around for the picking among the rich and famous in L.A., there is probably a lot that is going into their decision beyond the crib. They want to make sure they choose the right place.

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They are set to get married, so maybe there is a little bit of haste on the table. Don't drag this out too long, the engagement or house-hunt is what you want.

Decision, decisions!