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There is no reason for police to stop hundreds of thousands of young men. Is the real reason for the quota?


John Oliver said there is an entire industry in the world of policing that claims to be able to spot liars.

He said on Sunday night that it was all bullshit.

Police will work hard to get a confession. The Reid technique was designed by a former Chicago police officer and is used by many today.

One of the things that comes with being a cop is their love for donuts.

The technique is full of inconsistencies. Someone who is dishonest may avoid eye contact, but someone who is lying may stare, according to Oliver.

Oliver said that if you have eyes, you are fucked.

After lengthy and relentless questioning, these techniques wear down suspects. False confessions were found to occur after an average interrogation time of more than 16 hours.

Oliver said that it can be utterly exhausting.

Some people offer false confessions in hopes that they will be cleared when more evidence emerges. When the police have a confession in hand, it can be hard to recant.

Why talk at all? Many don't know better. Oliver says that 80 percent of suspects waive their Miranda rights, thinking they don't need a lawyer and have nothing to hide.

Not having a lawyer makes you vulnerable, because a lawyer can tell you about the insane power that police in America have.

That power? They can lie to you.

Oliver had video of a cop lying to a suspect by saying he can lie if he wants to.

Oliver had a skit about what a police interrogation might look like.

The article was originally on HuffPost.

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