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We watched hours of broadcasts on Russian networks and spoke with expert fact checkers to understand how Russia is spinning the war it started in Ukraine.

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Trucks stand in line while on route towards the border crossing point on April 16, 2022 in Kybartai, Lithuania.
A line of trucks en route to a border crossing point seen in Kybartai, Lithuania, on Saturday.Paulius Peleckis/Getty Images
  • Hundreds of Russian and Belarusian trucks were stuck in Poland while leaving the European Union.

  • Haulers from the two countries were banned from transporting goods in the EU.

  • According to the Financial Times, one checkpoint had a waiting time of up to 56 hours on Friday.

Hundreds of drivers rushed to leave the European Union before a ban on their vehicles went into effect on Saturday, as Russian and Belarusian trucks formed a massive queue near the Poland-Belarus border.

The long line stretched 50 miles in Poland at one point, with some people waiting up to 33 hours before they were processed.

A column of trucks were stuck in traffic near the border crossing on Saturday.

The truck driver from Belarus said in the video that they stood in a queue in Bobrowniki and were turned back. That is the situation. I don't know what is going to happen as I drive with the load.

According to The Financial Times, some drivers were left waiting for up to 56 hours at the Bobrowniki checkpoint.

—NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 17, 2022

There were about 10,000 Russian and Belarusian vehicles in the EU before the deadline, according to a senior executive at aGPS. The outlet reported that there were long lines at the border crossing.

The EU banned Russian and Belarusian trucks from carrying goods in the bloc because of the invasion of Ukraine. Haulers carrying food products, humanitarian aid, and energy have been exempt from the sanctions.

The waiting times for trucks in Poland were reduced to 12 hours on Sunday. With the deadline passed, it is not clear what action these drivers will face, although their vehicles may be seized.

The head of Poland's Association of International Road Carriers said that at least 3,000 Polish trucks in Russia and Belarus may be at risk of being retaliated against.

The European Union will retaliate against the Russian and Belarusian trucks if they are attacked at the border.

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  • The five individuals who tipped off authorities about the subway shooting suspect will split the reward.

  • The European Union countries sharing borders with Russia and Belarus have barred some cargo vehicles from entering since Friday due to sanctions, the Russian customs service said on Saturday. Thousands of vehicles are at risk of not crossing the border in time due to the trucks being backed up for kilometres. We can't say how it will turn out.Belarus banned trucks from the European Union from entering its territory on Friday.

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  • Many Republicans attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar after she expressed outrage over a video of Christians singing on a plane.

  • The congressman sounded the alarm over the upcoming election.

  • The richest man in the world has a plane because it saves him time.

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  • Frank James came to Stromboli Pizza in tears 18 hours after he allegedly opened fire in the subway, according to an employee.

  • Donald Trump Jr. uses guns for his Easter greeting.

  • The grand jury with the power to indict Trump reaches its final days this month, as the Manhattan district attorney's historic investigation into him appears to spiral.

  • Many people might be surprised by the prices of VoIP phones.

  • No matter the size of the party, you have to take tables. A party can be up to 25 people.

  • The F-35 can't be compared to any other airplane, according to a former test pilot.

  • Putin's onslaught has pushed a 53-year-old Ukrainian Orthodox Christian to her breaking point. She was forced to flee her hometown in the war. After her husband died in crossfire shelling, she had to leave Mariupol, which was all but wiped out by Putin's army. Bondarenko said her life is ruined and her heart is broken.

  • A new solution is said to restore your leather items back to their original condition. Don't throw old leather items out.

  • Half the sinks weren't even hooked up, light switches and plugs were just attached to the wall.

  • Thousands of lives could have been spared if weapons had been transported earlier.

  • If you paid a living wage, people would come into work.

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  • John Oliver went after the campaign of Dr. Mehmet Oz on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight. Oliver has a bone to pick with Dr. Oz. The British American host spent 16 minutes on a segment about the scientific controversy.

  • China's Weibo platform has blocked searches for a # referencing the lyrics.

  • The tax agency has processed more returns this year.

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  • She said it would take until 2024 to bring inflation back to 4%. Several measures were outlined to help the economy adapt.

  • According to tax returns released by the White House, the Bidens made almost nothing in 2021.

  • If Israel makes a move against Iran, the president of Iran warned that Israel will be targeted by his country's armed forces. Israel does not believe that a deal will curb Iran's nuclear program or its military activities in the region.