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One of the few Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump is retiring.


If the GOP regains control of the House of Representatives in November, it will be difficult for them to govern, according to a retiring Republican lawmaker.

It will be difficult for Republicans to govern if we are under 230.

A far-right conspiracy theorist, who has a history of spreading racist and anti-Semitic talking points, was referred to by Upton.

The GOP can control the House with 218 seats, but they would need at least 230 to cancel out those like her who are popular in their home districts.

Chuck Todd asked what that said about the Republican Party.

"Troubled waters, I guess you could say that," he replied.

The 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump were all Republicans. He announced his retirement earlier this month after he was drawn into a new congressional district that would put him in a primary race with a GOP lawmaker endorsed by Trump.

The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus has a co-vice chair, who was first elected in 1986. She backed off after criticism from within her own party.

If the GOP regains control in November, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised she will get back her committee assignments, even though she lost them due to her calls for violence against fellow lawmakers.

Below is Todd's full conversation with Upton.

The article was originally on HuffPost.

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