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Police say a man died after he got pinned between his vehicle and the machinery at an automatic car wash.

On Friday, April 15, officers with the Escondido Police Department responded to a car wash on the city's east side and found a man trapped between two cars.

The man got out of his vehicle and it rolled forward, trapping him against the machines. Police don't know why he left the vehicle.

The car wash was not running at the time of the accident.

An alarm went off at the car wash and someone might have found the man before the alarm went off, police said.

The man died after first responders lifted the vehicle off of him.

The man's name was not released by police.

The driver tried to beat the train at the rail crossing.

The man got out of the SUV to confront the teens, and it rolled and killed one of them.

The video shows a car getting fried by a bolt of lightning.

The man was killed in a fiery crash after the 18-wheeler hit the sedan.

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