Opera has launched a new version of their browser for the mobile device, with a non-custodial wallet built-in.

The browser used to be available on Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Opera says they built this browser for people who are familiar with cryptocurrencies. Opera plans to integrate more platforms with the help of the app's built-in wallet. Users can send and receive supported token using the exchange. If they are compatible with the virtual machine, users can integrate their existing wallet into the browser.

A feature called the "Crypto Corner" is included in the app to help users stay up to date on the technology.

Opera says that one of the aims of the Crypto Browser is to make navigating web3 as easy as Web 2. There are 7,000 Polygon-supported services that can be accessed with the Crypto Browser.

The interest in Web3 is growing, according to a statement from the executive vice president of Mobile at Opera. Opera believes that Web3 needs to be easy to use in order to reach its full potential.

The browser has security features like an ad tracker, pop-up blocker and cookie dialogue blocking. It uses mining protection to block script hijacking.

Opera said it was working to address environmental concerns about the high energy usage of the technology by integrating the Layer 2 solutions. Opera announced in February that it had integrated Layer 2 into the app. Layer 2 technology is implemented in the app.

The article has been updated to include that there is a level 2 integration in the app.

Opera launches a dedicated crypto browser