While in high school, Moreira had an interest in robotics. She didn't realize a career was a possibility and thought it would be just a hobby.

She applied for a position at Boston Dynamics even though she was a long shot.

In a five-minute video on Boston Dynamics, Moreira says that in high school she tried everything from graphic design to computer repair, and ended up fascinated by computer repair.

Moreira shows how long it takes to make a robot, and how she got interested in it.

Someone asks if humans have total control over a dog-like robot. Moreira said that Spot does not have a mind of its own. You have a controller that you can use to directly command Spot, or you can program it to do a mission. You are setting up and defining things for Spot.

Roboticist Cassie Moreira working at Boston Dynamics.
Roboticist Cassie Moreira working at Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics

Can Spot help with my homework, and can I drive the robot into or over a friend, are some fun questions.

The Boston Dynamics team would eventually like to adapt the robot for a household environment, as Moreira reveals that Spot is currently geared toward performing tasks in industrial settings such as warehouses and other company facilities.

The trained electrical engineer has tips for anyone who wants to start building their own robot and shows what kind of people might be suited for a career in robotics.

Moreira wrote last year that she hopes more women will follow her into the field of robotics and related subjects, pointing to a study that showed that only 25% of the workforce in science and engineering roles are women.

Hopefully her recent chat with students will encourage more girls and boys to get involved in technology subjects and become the next generation of roboticists and engineers.

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