Galaxy S20+ 5G network with SIM cards

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  • Anaysts predict that 5G subscriptions will take over 4G in the U.S. by 2024.
  • In 2023, 5G is set to consumer more data than 4G.
  • Analysts say 5G adoption is slow due to the lack of a 5G "killer app."

According to GlobalData, 5G subscriptions in the U.S. could surpass 4G by 2024. Data consumption over 5G may surpass 4G by the year 2023, based on current trends.

Current estimates put 5G subscriptions at just 30% compared to 4G's 70% share. As carriers phase out the aging network, 3G has held onto a minute share. The gap between 4G and 5G is expected to close in the next few years. The numbers are expected to flip in favor of 5G in 2023.

GlobalData 5G estimates

(Image credit: GlobalData)

5G is expected to account for as much as 80.8 million terabytes of mobile broadband traffic, compared to 75.7 million terabytes from 4G.

While carriers are excited about the prospects of 5G, U.S. consumers aren't quite as excited.


Efforts to promote 5G capabilities alongside augmented reality, virtual reality, and the metaverse are steps in the right direction, and more use cases should arise once 5G matures.

5G can be found on many of the best budget phones, thanks to the work of the chipmakers. Unfortunately, the faster spectrum has remained a flagship option, with analysts predicting it will be some time before it shows up on cheaper devices.

The U.S. 5G market has been criticized for falling behind in average speeds when compared to other countries. With the increased investment in the C-Band spectrum, attitudes may change in the future.