Ben and his fiancée couldn't get into Starbucks on Tuesday because of a sign.

Ben and Jen were driving to Starbucks in West L.A. when he got a sign stuck in his back rim. A couple photographers pulled the sign out of the car as the actor maneuvered around the curb.

Ben asked the paps to help him get to the drive-thru.

The last thing they wanted to hear inside was, "J lo, skinny Frappuccino!"

This is interesting. Ben has a cig inside the car with J lo by his side. She must be in love with him.

ben affleck

Ben might want to check the mirror before leaving home because the partially displayed flannel shirt makes him seem like a well-dressed person.

lopez affleck house hunting

The couple looked at two mansions in the same area, one for $65 million and the other for $75 million. After walking away from the Bel-Air estate, this search came about.