The Turkish government will give $300 million to create a charter airline that will offer flights between Russia and Turkey. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus plan to offer millions of more seats between Russia and Turkey in an effort to entice Russian tourists to return to Turkey.

More Flights On Turkish Airlines To Russia, Plus A Brand New Airline Backed By Turkish Government

Turkish Airlines has kept limited service to the Russian Federation despite other carriers eliminating service after the Ukraine invasion. More Russians visited Turkey before the war in Ukraine than any other foreign group. There is a lot of money in Russian tourism in Turkey.

Russian tourists voted in the midst of a global epidemic in 2021. The number was expected to increase to over 7 million. The war made it difficult for Russian companies to operate flights to Turkey.

3 million seats will be added between Russia and Turkey this year, thanks to the creation of more air links between the two nations. Turkish Airlines, the second largest carrier in Turkey, will add 1.5 million seats alone. The name of the new carrier has not been announced, but it will have 1 million seats.

Turkey's Credit Guarantee Fund will offer loans to Turkish tour companies in Russia in order to bring tourists to Turkey.

It isn't clear how much money average Russians will have to travel abroad because of the rapid depreciation of the Russian Rouble.


Turkey, a member of NATO, is balancing its interests as a western ally and its financial interests in serving a large chunk of visitors deemed as critical to its economy. The new airline will cater to Russia travel. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus are hoping to establish new links to re- invest in the Russian travel market.

What do you think about the actions of the Turkish government to promote tourism from Russia?

Sabah is via Simply Flying.