BlackBerry KEY2

(Image credit: Android Central)
  • Unihertz teases an upcoming launch for a phone with a physical keyboard.
  • Editing the image reveals a device that looks similar to the BlackBerry KEY2.
  • A BlackBerry revival was recently canceled when OnwardMobility scrapped plans to release a 5G BlackBerry-branded device.

For those of you that have been waiting for a revival, you may not have to wait very long. The upcoming Unihertz launch could fill the void left by OnwardMobility.

The Unihertz phone could end up looking a lot like the spiritual successor to the KEY2 in the picture. There is only a small amount of light shining on a physical keyboard in the image. The rest of the phone is dark, but you can see the silhouette of the device.

Something is coming soon...Just stay tuned!😜📺 #smartphone #newphone #newarrivals 7, 2022

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The internet sleuths took the image and edited it to give us a better look at the phone. The Unhertz phone will have the same design as the KEY2 but with some differences. It is a bit disappointing that the KEY2 appears to be much larger than it was a year ago, especially since it was the same size as the previous year.

Edited Unihertz teaser

(Image credit: Twitter)

Unihertz has launched phones with physical keyboards before. The company has launched several models over the years. The Unihertz Titan Pocket had more misses than hits. It is great to see a company still trying to keep the physical keyboards alive at a time when the best phones all feature the same all-display design.


Fans were hoping for a new 5GBlackBerry phone to kick off a keyboard revival after being teased for some time by OnwardMobility. Fans were quite disappointed when the effort fell through. If it comes equipped with 5G, this upcoming device may be just what keyboard loyalists are looking for.