From Kyrie Irving to James Harden to LeBron and the Lakers... what a mess this 2021-22 season was.

The NBA's worst season in recent memory ended on Sunday. It was really bad.

It didn't feel good. Not at the beginning of the season. The league celebrated its greatest players on its 75th anniversary in the middle of the year. We might have seen some meaningful games at the end.

No. Nope. No.

We got mush.

The best way to describe the NBA season is this. It was incomplete and never really whole.

There were a lot of stars missing in action.

Most NBA fans couldn't have liked it. As the regular season ended, it felt like there was still meat on the bone.

The Play-in Tourney is next, and then the playoffs. NBA fans should get more exciting outcomes.

The NBA was hot garbage during the regular season.

1. The Lakers

There were a lot of fans who were happy to see the Lakers not play in the Play-In game. Most assumed that the Lakers would make the playoffs with the roster they had.

It was a train wreck from the jump. People thought it wouldn't get any worse, but it did. Anthony Davis missed a million games because of an injury.

Most NBA writers and analysts thought that the Lakers' big offseason addition, Russell Westbrook, was not a good fit. He was a bad fit with James.

James, who averaged 30 points a game, doesn't have an impact on winning anymore.

The Lakers were so bad that it wasn't fun to watch. The Lakers have not won back-to-back games since January 7.

2. Injuries all over the league

There was a wave of missing stars in the NBA this season. Leonard didn't play a single minute for the Clippers. Zion did not for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Kevin missed a lot of games. The Denver Nuggets missed two of their best players most of the season in Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray.

Curry was injured at the end of the season. Golden State wants him to return for the playoffs. Chris Paul did not play for the Phoenix Suns. The Portland Trail blazers shut down Damian Lillard.

There were more. There isn't enough room on the internet to list them all.

3. Kyrie Irving

He stole away the chance for Nets fans to see the three-headed monster of Durant, Irving and James Harden because he didn't get vaccine. He missed most of the season in Brooklyn because of a city rule. It was disappointing for those who wanted to see what could be done with three of the best players in the game. The Nets were half-baked.

4. James Harden forcing another trade

Harden, one of the league's most prolific scorers, has turned into a walking disaster. It's difficult to not look at him. He has left two teams in the last two seasons.

Last season, from Houston to Brooklyn. This season, from Philadelphia to Brooklyn.

After his first five games in Philadelphia, many thought he had struck gold. Not anymore. His regular season ended with a lack of enthusiasm.

5. Ben Simmons not playing a single minute this season

The season was like the soap opera Simmons has become. He was traded out of Philly to the Nets. He was unable to work due to another injury. He hasn't been in Brooklyn yet. If the Nets get out of the Play-in Tournament, the star forward could play in the first round.

It was a terrible season for the NBA, a terrible watch for its fans. The Golden Girls marathon on Lifetime was often better than the NBA marathon. Thank you ladies for being a friend.

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