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We ordered everything on the Pizza Hut menu in the UK and US to find out the differences between the two.

freezer bag full of trader joes products from lori hong
I shop at Trader Joe's for low-carb groceries.Lori Hong
  • I like to shop at Trader Joe's for its affordable prices because I am a mom of 2 on a low-carb diet.

  • I like the store's smoked-salmon dips.

  • I can find tortillas and crackers that work with my diet.

A great snack is the seeds-and-grains crispbread.

seeds and grains crispbread on the shelves at trader joes
Trader Joe's seeds-and-grains crispbread.Lori Hong

When I was pregnant with my first son in 2012 I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which causes pregnant people to have high blood sugar, and was put on a low-carb diet.

Trader Joe's has helped me achieve a low-carb diet by offering delicious and affordable options.

The seeds-and-grains crackers have a lot of punch for 10 grams of carbs a serving.

They are nice and thick, and they fill me up. I like to eat them with smoked-salmon dip.

When it's time to make dinner, the store's shaved brussels sprout are ready to go.

a bag of trader joes shaved brussels sprouts
Trader Joe's shaved brussels sprouts.Lori Hong

If you are not interested in cutting vegetables, the shaved brussels sprout are great.

I like to roast two bags at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. I will top them with a piece of salmon or other fish and roast them for another 15 minutes.

The dip is great on toast or crackers.

containers of smoked salmon dip at trader joes
Trader Joe's smoked-salmon dip.Lori Hong

Trader Joe's has a lot of dip options, but the smoked-salmon one is a favorite in my house.

It can be used as a snack on crackers or as a substitute for cream cheese on a bagel or slice of toast.

I like to put it on the seeds-and-grains crispbread topped with a slice of smoked salmon and a sprinkle of Everything But the Bagel seasoning for a filling, light breakfast.

There are many uses for tzatziki.

containers of tzatziki dip at trader joes
Trader Joe's tzatziki.Lori Hong

During my pregnancy, I had to get creative to liven up boring pieces of chicken, which led to a lot of Trader Joe's dips.

Tzatzka is a favorite. It can be used as a topping for chicken, fish, and of course the traditional gyro.

It is fresh from the slices of cucumber, but it is not too thick.

I was happy to find Trader Joe's tortillas.

packages of low carb tortillas on the shelves at trader joes
Trader Joe's carb-savvy tortillas.Lori Hong

I was surprised to learn how many grams are in most wraps.

Trader Joe's has a tortilla option with 9 grams of carbs.

It's great for breakfast wraps, quesadillas, and more.

Almonds are a great snack.

bag of truffle marcona almonds from trader joes
Trader Joe's truffle marcona almonds.Lori Hong

Trader Joe's has a lot of nuts to choose from.

My favorite is the almonds. They are salty, full of flavor, and decadent.

If I am looking for something quick and filling, I will reach for the buffalo jerky.

packages of buffalo jerky hanging next to the shelves at trader joes
Trader Joe's buffalo jerky.Lori Hong

If you need a quick snack, jerky is a great option.

Trader Joe's buffalo jerky is spicy and sweet, and it makes me want to eat until my next meal.

It has a kick that limits how fast I can eat it.

I keep a box of the dip in the freezer.

boxes of spinach and artichoke dip in the freezer aisle at trader joes
Trader Joe's frozen spinach-and-artichoke dip.Lori Hong

The dip is a frozen gem if you want an easy and delicious option at your fingertips.

The product can be used to add flavor to a pasta dish, perk up some chicken, or serve as a quick snack.

Pull it out and microwave it, it only has 2 grams of carbs a serving.

The premade carnitas can be eaten quickly.

packages of carnitas in the fridge aisle at trader joes
Trader Joe's traditional carnitas.Lori Hong

The premade carnitas were found in the refrigerated section.

I am upset that I did not discover the kit until recently. It would take a lot of time to make carnitas yourself.

Put the meat in one of the wraps, throw it on top of the chips, or warm it up with some barbecue sauce.

Everything is better with the Bagel seasoning.

containers of everything bu the bagel seasoning at trader joes
Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning.Lori Hong

Before this bottle of joy, what did we do?

The seasoning is great for pizza and eggs, and it doesn't add any calories.

The individual packs of guacamole are great for relaxing.

box of to-go guacamole from trader joes
Trader Joe's individual guacamole packs.Lori Hong

Buying avocados is an exercise in futility for me. One day they are rock solid, the next they are growing mold.

I like to add a slice of toast or a serving of guacamole to my breakfast.

It may not get a lot of attention, but I love the chicken.

bags of frozen shitake mushroom chicken in the freezer aisle at trader joes
Trader Joe's frozen shitake-mushroom chicken.Lori Hong

The shitake-mushroom chicken is a great low-carb option and can often be overshadowed by its more popular cousin, the mandarin orange chicken.

It already has veggies and you can heat it up for a quick and filling meal.

If you want to add another level of flavor, I like sautéeing it until the sauce gets a little crisp.

The gyro slices are boring.

box of gyro slices from trader joes
Trader Joe's gyro slices.Lori Hong

If you want to take a break from another turkey sandwich for lunch or need dinner in a pinch, keep a box or two of Trader Joe's gyro slices in your fridge.

The beef is fully cooked, so you don't have to cook it, just add it to a sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and tzatziki.

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