iFixit will make do-it-yourself repairs for the Pixel in select regions.

In the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and European Union countries, genuine parts for the Pixel 2 and future models will be available on iFixit. As part of iFixit toolkits, batteries, displays, cameras, and other parts will be available.

One day after the European Parliament voted in favor of the proposed "right to repair" legislation, a new announcement came from Google. In partnership with iFixit, the company will launch a self-service repair program for some of the company's products.

Consumers must have options to repair their own products if we are going to build a sustainable electronics industry. We are committed to allowing repairs at a place and time of your choice.

iFixit will continue to write its step-by-step repair guides for the Pixel, as well as guides for the other two models.

In November 2021, Apple announced that it would be launching a self-service repair program in the United States in early 2022, followed by additional countries throughout the year. The initial phase of the program will focus on the most commonly serviced parts for the most popular models, such as displays, batteries, and cameras, and expand to Macs with M1 chips later in the year.

Since its initial announcement, Apple has yet to launch its self-service repair program.