Josh Allen has put the Bills in position to contend for years.

The Buffalo Bills were 13 seconds away from playing in the playoffs for the first time in 30 years. The Bills fell apart on defense and lost in overtime to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Buffalo should be considered a serious Super Bowl contender for the next five years regardless of the outcome. Buffalo made deals that could pay quick dividends on the field next year, and have also taken steps that make it look like they are in win-now mode, similar to the LA Rams.

Buffalo locked up Stefon Diggs on a four-year extension. Josh Allen was signed to a six-year extension by Buffalo. Von Miller signed a six-year $120 million deal with the Bills. They made smaller one and two-year deals with players like O.J. Howard, JordanPhillips, DE Shaq Lawson, and others.

The Bills can go for broke trying to win now, knowing their best players are on long-term deals. They have surrounded Allen and Diggs with even more weapons in order to assure their dominance going into next season. Buffalo scored 28.4ppg last season. They were fifth in total yards.

In 2022-23, expect the Bills to continue to build on their free-agent signings. The coverage pressure should be taken away by adding Howard and Crowder. The same goes for Howard, who will be matched up against a lot of people who can't guard him in the open field. If he can take advantage of one-on-one opportunities, it will be another high- scoring year in Buffalo.

The Bills have a lot of talent on their roster, and the draft gives them another chance to add to that. Buffalo will take defensive players with their first three picks. The team does not lack on the defensive side of the ball. The Buffalo defense gave up 17ppg last season. Von Miller was picked up to rush the passer. Buffalo could use some depth on the defensive line, so some mock drafts have them selecting a defensive tackle and end with their first and second-round picks.

It shouldn't be an issue for the Bills. They want to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. Out of their nine picks, the Bills will draft six defensive players. Buffalo is not doing that in preparation for New England, New York, or Miami. If the Bills cross paths with KC again in the playoffs, they will need depth defensively. It is all about beating the Chiefs.

The way they lost the game is going to stick with every Buffalo player for a long time. The only way to get that taste out of their mouth is to return next year. How do you do that? Restock, lock and load. The Bills are going all-in. They have to execute the plan and get past the Chiefs in order to return to the Super Bowl.